UBraze Handheld Brazing System

UltraHeat W UBraze Series – End of Life Product!

Please check our new model SOLO UBraze Series

UBraze is a mobile induction heating solution that is used as an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to the flame brazing torch. Induction brazing reduces the issues associated with quality by offering guaranteed repeatability. The accurate energy control allows you to work with precision and to accurately determine the time and power needed for each joint. UBraze can also be coupled with a switching system to allow multiple handheld devices with different coils.

UBraze Handheld and Automation Brazing System operates with UltraHeat UPT-SMT5 (5 KW)UPT-WT10 (10 kW)UPT-WT15 (15 kW).



  • UBraze handheld brazing system allows the operator to move to the part and access hard-to-reach areas;
  • The system offers the possibility to pre-program multiple heating profiles which can be controlled by the operator from the hand-held unit;
  • Durable lightweight design of the handheld device.
  • Optional 360° ring for counterweight mounting that allows the operator to work continuous hours;
  • Set of standard coils for tubes diameters up to 1.5″. Custom design coils are offered on request;
  • The equipment can be upgraded with an automation unit and robotic arm for a fully automated induction brazing process.

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