induction brazing of copper pipe with a brazing gun

An HVAC manufacturer is looking to switch from torch brazing to induction heating in order to braze several types of copper and brass fittings that are used inside heat pumps, water chillers, chlorine generators, and other sensor instruments. Induction heating will provide a more repeatable, faster, and less operator-dependent induction brazing process.


The recommended induction heating equipment for this type of application is the UBraze hand-held brazing gun and a 15 kW induction power supply. This system is ideal for induction brazing of small tubes and successfully replaces open flame brazing options by providing focused heat into the desired area.

Industry: Appliances & HVAC


The heated materials are 3 copper pipes ¼” (6.35 mm), 3/8” (9.52 mm), and 1”(25.4 mm) OD. The main goal of this induction brazing process is to perform it in 30 seconds or less at the temperature of 1300 °F(704°C). During the process, all joints reached brazing temperature in under 20 seconds at 10 kW. The alloy feeding was done manually due to the specific type of alloy that could not be made into a preform ring because of its high Ag composition. One of the brazed samples was cut open to show the penetration depth into the joint. All joints can be sandblasted and cleaned from the oxidation.


Brazing with induction heating allows precise temperature control, better quality of the brazed joint, guaranteed repeatability of the results and improved energy efficiency.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6779

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