Induction Brazing of Copper SteelBrazing of Copper Steel

The goal of this induction brazing application test is to braze a variety of copper, aluminum and steel parts with the U-Braze gun for a company that is a manufacturer operating in the electronics and appliances industry. Their goal is to increase the productivity of their operators.

Industry: Appliances & HVAC

Equipment: W15/150, HS-15W, UBraze

Time: 9 sec.


Various copper, aluminum and steel tubes and pipes
Alloy rings

TIP: The use of alloy rings is highly recommended with a hand-held brazing gun.

Power: ~4 kW


We have carried out 4 induction brazing tests in our test laboratory. The process begins with the workpieces being positioned for the process of brazing. Then, we placed alloy rings around the thinner of the pipes. The alloy rings contain flux, so we did not need to add additional one. The brazing process is initiated. We recommend our UBraze – hand-held induction brazing gun along with a 15 kW power supply for similar processes.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5755


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