induction preheating of round steel wire

Objective: A British research University specializing in science and engineering developed a new technology process. The customer wants to use an induction heating system with a robot to preheat wires/strip wires and plates of steel and titanium. The size of the heated materials is different, and the main goal of this application test is to show that all the wires could be heated with induction. The max temperature of the process must be 600°C or lower, and the productivity rate must be 10 [m/min] for all wires.

Industry: Academic & Research

Equipment: In this application test, we used an UltraHeat W power supplies system with an HS-15W heat station and U-Braze Handheld.

Process: Samples that needed pre-heating: 1.2mm round steel wire, 3.2mm round steel cored wire, 0.5mm strip steel wire, 0.8mm strip steel wire, 0.5mm strip steel wire, and 1.2mm round Ti64 wire.

The temperature was ~ 700 ° C for all tests, and the power – ~ 500 W, 8.5-9kW (for 0.5mm strip wire), and 8.1kW (for 1.2mm round Ti64 wire). The heating was achieved in less than 1 sec.

We made an additional test for the titanium wires. Here we used static coil and different settings – temperature ~ 700 ° C, power 6kW, and the cycle time was ~ 5 sec.

During the tests, we used two sizes of coils. One coil must specifically be designed for the Ti64 wire and can be used for the smaller-sized steel wires, one coil for the plates, and one for the largest strip wire.

Benefits: With induction heating, this application process can be automated, increasing productivity and energy efficiency.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-6981

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