Induction brazing of copper pipesInduction brazing of 3 copper pipes


Test 1 – Induction brazing of T-shaped assemblies – 3 joints simultaneously
Test 2 – Induction brazing of copper pipes

Industry: HVAC

Materials: Copper tubers  6, 8, 10, 12 mm ( 01564, 0516, 025⁄64, 015⁄32inch. ); thickness: 1 mm ( 0364 inch.)

Alloy: Cu-P-Ag rings

TIP: The use of alloy rings is highly recommended with a hand-held brazing gun.

Equipment: W15, HS-15W, UBraze


Test 1 ( 7-8kW )
Test 2 ( 6.5-9.2kW )

Time: 8 secs.

Coil: Regular induction heating coil. Custom coil design is possible upon request. Visit our coil library.

The Process:

We successfully carried out two induction brazing tests with several copper assemblies.  First, Cu-P-Ag alloy rings were placed around the thinner of the copper pipes. No additional flux was needed.  The pipes were then carefully aligned. The process of induction brazing was initiated. Once the induction brazing was complete, the two samples were submerged in cold water in order to be cooled instantly. The excessive amount of flux can be furtherly cleaned.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5892

Pictures: Test 1

Pictures: Test 2

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