induction brazing of stainless steel pipes

Objective: A customer with years of experience in the Tube and Pipe Industry is looking to improve their process with induction brazing. UltraFlex Power performed some tests with the customer parts to demonstrate the suitable induction brazing equipment.

The customer sent different sizes of piping for testing. Pipe materials were stainless steel and brass.

The objective of the test is to determine process parameters – time, heat, profile, etc., and equipment. The critical requirements are temperature and heat cycle. We must reach a max temperature of 850°C for 5 minutes.

Industry: Tube & Pipe Industry

Equipment: The application tests were performed with UBraze Handheld Brazing System and UltraHeat W Series – 15 kW Induction Heating System.

Process: We had to make four tests based on the sizes and the materials of pipes. The samples were 16mm OD x 1 mm W/T stainless steel coupler, 8 mm OD x 1 mm W/T brass coupler, 16 mm OD x 1.5 mm W/T brass coupler, and 57 mm OD x 7.5 mm W/T brass coupler.

For the first three tests, we used UBraze HandHeld with an open induction coil. We brazed stainless steel parts for the first test for 11 seconds with ~7.5 kW of power and 730°C temperature. For the second test, we heated the smallest size of the brass coupler with ~7.6 kW of power and 750°C temperature for 8 seconds. We brazed the brass coupler with ~7.3 kW of power and 700°C temperature for 8 seconds for a third test.

The last fourth test was with the largest brass coupler. For that induction brazing, we used a static coil. The power supply was set to ~8.8 kW power, 629° C temperature, and the heat cycle time was 2 minutes.

Benefits: The recommendations and conclusions about this induction brazing application are to use two machines – one stationary and one for UBraze HandHeld gun. With this induction heating solution, the process will be less than 5 minutes for all heated parts. It will increase productivity rate, heat cycle time, and energy efficiency.

Reference Info: Application Note 3463-7035

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