induction heating calculation tool

Ultraflex is announcing the release of its induction heating calculator. This tool is intended to help in estimating the required heating energy and generator power for a variety of induction applications.

The tool provides a quick and practical way of determining the required power and energy for heating loads with relatively simple geometries. By entering basic load information, selecting the coil type, and inputting process parameters, users can get an estimate of the required heating energy with a click of a button. The tool goes one step further and recommends Ultraflex equipment that can be used to achieve the process goals.

This is the first release of the calculator. Our team of applications engineers is already working on adding more materials data, coil geometries, and application information. Check for updates and new features regularly.

We would be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions and will be continuously improving the tool. Our applications team is available to help with more complicated heating geometries of induction heating or melting applications.