Induction Heating in Mining & Materials Industry

Tools and Dies induction heating

Considering that steel is widely used in mining for tools and machinery, all induction heat treating applications are very common in this field.

One of the most specific applications of induction heating in the mining industry is brazing and de-brazing of carbide inserts for mining and drilling equipment. These inserts are brazed to the main body of the tool – usually steel. Due to wear they need to be replaced regularly, which makes induction the quickest, most efficient, cost-saving heating method.

Another major application for the mining industry is metal smelting. Smelting is the process of heating metal ore in order to extract a base metal in its pure form.

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How Induction Heating is used in Mining and Materials Industry?

  • Brazing and de-brazing of carbide alloy tips on steel mining tools, drill bits, and milling cutter tools.
  • Powerful induction systems for large drilling heads repair.
  • Ore heating and metal smelting
  • Metals and alloys heating and refining
  • Metals melting and alloying for metallurgical research and testing