Induction Heating in Semiconductor & Crystal Growing Industry

Semiconductor and Crystal Growing induction heating

In Semiconductors manufacturing and Crystal Growing applications the process stability is critical for achieving the production parameters. Induction heating has been the preferred method for a variety of crystal growing processes. Modern microfabrication processes, especially the ones using chemical vapor deposition, require even, uninterrupted heating for hours or days, which makes induction the perfect solution. In many cases, these processes require maintaining a precise temperature in multiple heat zones. These requirements make the UltraFlex’s SmartPower modular, multi-output induction power supplies the ideal solution for stability and redundancy. UltraFlex team has extensive experience developing customized and OEM suitable systems for integration in existing processes for a variety of crystal growing and microfabrication applications.

How Induction Heating is used in the Semiconductors & Crystal Growing industry?

  • Growing silicone monocrystals for semiconductor wafer manufacturing
  • Induction susceptor heating for silicon carbide production
  • Production of artificial diamonds and carbides
  • Optic fiber and optical lenses production
  • Induction heated CVD processes (Chemical vapor deposition)
  • MOCVD (Metal oxide chemical vapor deposition)