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Braze Different Assemblies from Customer Drawing

///Braze Different Assemblies from Customer Drawing
Braze Different Assemblies from Customer Drawing2018-07-13T16:15:08+00:00

brazing custom parts

Braze four different assemblies based off a drawing.

Recommended Equipment
The recommended equipment for this application is the UPT-W10/150 power supply with the HS-8LF heat station.

Test 1

Customer Drawing

Power: 4.1kW
Temperature: 840°F-850°F (448°C-454°C)
Time: 12 seconds

Test 2

Customer Drawing

Power: 5.11kW
Temperature: 840°F -850°F (448°C-454°C)
Time: 10 seconds

Test 3

Customer Drawing

Power: 4.09kW
Temperature: 840°F-850°F (448°C-454°C)
Time: 8 seconds

Test 4

Customer Drawing

Power: 5.49kW
Temperature: 840°F-850°F (448°C-454°C)
Time: 18 seconds

Results and Conclusions:

A 5 kW system is suitable for the tested parts.  The fixturing of parts is required for repeatability and clean results.


Video Test 1

Video – Test 2

Video – Test 3

Video – Test 4

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