As a leading manufacturer of induction heating equipment, UltraFlex is a driving force in developing innovative solutions for some of the most significant challenges that industries and scientific institutions are facing. We believe that universities are not only educational entities but also organizations with the great mission to cultivate individuals able to transform ideas into future technological innovations.

UltraFlex team highly values our established partnerships with academic institutions across the world. Meeting and communicating with their representatives always brings us new perspectives and insight which invariably influence our engineering approaches.

Academic institutions can benefit from induction heating in their material research and quality testing. UltraFlex machines are universal and can meet the highest custom requirements. They can be a valuable addition to any university lab as they allow various application testing

Our senior engineer, Dragomir Grozdanov, commented, “An area of intense scientific interest is the nanoparticle research due to a wide variety of potential applications in biomedical and optical research. Ultraflex Nanoparticle Research Systems can induce biologically targeted magnetic hyperthermia which can be used as a medical treatment. The wide variety of power and frequency levels available provide precise magnetic field strength. Some other highly requested by academic institutions induction heating machines are our small induction melters and power supplies which are preferred because of their flexibility and wide range load impedance matching.”

In 2019 UltraFlex started an internship program  which offer to students the opportunity to have hands-on engagement with all types of induction heating systems and applications.

“It’s always a pleasure for us to meet young individuals who are passionate about learning and have an inspiring amount of profound interest in our field. Providing induction heating equipment to universities and laboratories across the globe allows us to become part of innovative projects which often reveal to us the latest developments and technological trends in the medical and scientific area. I believe that technology has the power to transform education.” – Ralitsa Raynova, Sales Manager of European Branch

UltraFlex has been at the forefront of induction heating innovation for the past 20 years. We are happy to be a trusted and uniquely positioned company and we will continue to nurture our academic partnerships.

UltraFlex has provided custom induction heating solutions for scientific research that have been published in prestigious scholarly journals.

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