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UltraMelt EC – Tilting Induction Melting Furnace

///UltraMelt EC – Tilting Induction Melting Furnace
UltraMelt EC – Tilting Induction Melting Furnace 2017-07-06T18:35:15+00:00

Tilting Induction Melting Furnace for larger volume of metals, makes pouring your molten metal a safe and simple process.

Digital control panel with status messages and diagnostics features.

Efficient circuit with low energy consumption.

Reliable, easy to maintain and service.

Easy to Install and simple to operate.


  • Temperature probe under the crucible
  • Accurate power regulation and control
  • Automatic Tilting chamber
  • Tilting Induction Melting Furnace with advanced Induction Heating Technology
  • Infrared Temperature reader (optional)
  • Also available with manual tilting mechanism (optional)


Absorbed Power kW (max)2540
Output Frequency kHz10-4010-40
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz)380/480 ±10%380/480 ±10%
Line Phases33
Crucible Capacity25 kg Gold40 kg Gold
Max Melting1250 C°1250 C°
Cooling requirements
water system quoted upon request
Water (External)Water (External)
Weight Lb (kg)550 (250)550 (250)
Inch (cm) LxWxH
24.8” x 22” x 51.2”

(63 x 56 x 130)

24.8” x 22” x 51.2”

(63 x 56 x 130)

  • Tilting Induction Melting Furnace provides improved energy efficiency vs traditional furnaces and kilns
  • Better process control with high degree of controllability and repeatability
  • Safe pouring of large volumes of molten metal with tilting capability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
EquipmentDescriptionPart Number
TS-03IR Temperature Sensor with Stand1ACC-016-350-00