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Ultracast Pro is a technologically advanced casting system using unique lost wax casting approach. The unique design eliminates the need for crucibles by incorporating the crucible’s function into the invested ring.

The heating is done quickly and efficiently via high power induction heating. The casting process is fully automated and safe providing repeatable and reliable casting results.

It is an extremely compact, multi-purpose machine which will allow you to melt and cast in air, vacuum and inert atmosphere (argon or nitrogen). This machine can be used for investment casting, ingot casting in permanent molds, granulating or scrap melting.

UltraCast Pro is capable of casting and delivering excellent casting quality with all commonly used jewelry metals and alloys (precious and non-precious).

The advanced LCD Touch control panel features an easy to use interface and provides intuitive and informative visual feedback. The control panel is designed to display the measured process parameters, receive user input, set various parameters and save multiple programs. It also displays diagnostic and warning messages

In North America available exclusively from Rio Grande.


  • Fully automatic pressure injection casting
  • Multifunctional system – casting, graining or re-melting
  • Compact tabletop design with integrated vacuum pump
  • Unique process – eliminates costly crucibles and flasks
  • Advanced, highly efficient induction heating technology
  • Melting in air, vacuum or inert gas (argon or nitrogen)
  • Built-in Infrared sensor for temperature reading and control
  • Modern 5” full color LCD touch control panel
  • Multiple user programs with many pre-programmed recipes
  • Easy to install and simple and safe to operate


UltraCast Pro
Power (max)4 kW
AC Line, (50/60Hz), 1 Phase230 V ±10%
Melting Temperature (max)2000 °C
Melting Capacity300g Au (min 75 g); 250g Pt (min 50g)
Melting Volume1.75” rubber base – 13 cm3
3.5” rubber base – 18 cm3
Flask Size (min), DxH43 mm x 137 mm
Flask Size (max), DxH87 mm x 127 mm
Water Cooling SystemNot included (Quoted upon request)
Vacuum Pumpincluded
Weight58 kg (127 Lb)
Dimensions, LxWxH54 cm x 51 cm x 57 cm
(21” x 20” x 22”)
  • Improved energy efficiency compared to resistance or flame heating
  • Uniform heating with high degree of controllability and repeatability
  • Increased productivity by rapid time-to-temperature heating
  • Eliminates open flame safety hazard and propane handling costs
  • Low maintenance requirements, easy to use systems
EquipmentDescriptionPart Number
DescriptionPart Number
1Ring Stiffener 1.75″2DET-042-000-MA
2Ring Stiffener 3.0″2DET-042-000-MB
3Ring Stiffener 3.5″2DET-042-000-MC
4Sprue Button Penta – Form2DET-769-000-OA
5Plastic Ring 1.75″2DET-042-000-LA
6Plastic Ring 3.0″2DET-042-000-LC
7Plastic Ring 3.5″2DET-042-000-LD
8Rubber Base 1.75″2DET-769-000-KA
9Rubber Base 3.0″2DET-769-000-KC
10Rubber Base 3.5″2DET-769-000-KD
11Ceramic Base2DET-042-100-AC
12Ceramic positioning ring for 1.75″ flask2DET-042-100-AG

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