EasyCast D

Cast all dental alloys: precious and non-precious. Automatic frequency setting.
Highly efficient technology. Low energy consumption.
Fast melting by Induction heating generator utilizing the latest technology.
Complete protection from oxidation by using vacuum and gas argon atmosphere.
Reliable, modular system, easy to maintain and service.
Error and status messages for easy service and remote diagnostics.

EasyCast-D induction dental casting machine. Casting precious and non-precious dental alloys.


  • Advanced digital control panel with status and diagnostics messages
  • Centrifugal injection casting with pneumatic movement for fast coil decent
  • Integral water cooling system with pressure and water temperature control
  • Centrifugal arm balancing with adjustable counterweight
  • IR temperature reader/ regulator (EC-2)
  • Melting power regulation
  • DC motor with reduction gear: 0.1 to 1 sec.
  • Max rotating speed – 500 turns/min. Rotation time pre-set at 40 sec.
  • Auto locking of the chamber lid during centrifugal phase for maximum safety
  • Normal atmospheric operation
  • Integral vacuum pump (EC-2)
  • Inert (Argon) gas circuit included (EC-2)
Absorbed Power kW (max) 3.0 3.0
AC Line Volts (50/60Hz) 230 ±10% 230 ±10%
Line Phases 1 1
Crucible Capacity 60g Cr/Co, Ni/Cr 60g Cr/Co, Ni/Cr
Flask Size mm (max) D-80, H-75 D-80, H-75
Max Melting 2000 C° 2000 C°
IR Temperature reader n/a included
Cooling System Water-Internal Water-Internal
Vacuum Pump n/a included
Weight Lb (kg) 220.5 (100) 264.6 (120)
Inch (cm) LxWxH
20.9” x 25.9” x 41.3”
(53 x 65.7 x 105)
20.9” x 25.9”” x 41.3”
(53 x 65.7 x 105)
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher degree of controllability
  • Increased repeatability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
Equipment Description Part Number Pictures
HE-017 Heat exchanger 1ACC-017-510-00
Part Number Description EasyCast-1 EasyCast-2
Crucible tongs for induction casing and induction melting machine4HVM-000-101-00 Crucible tongs 1 1
Anti vibration feet for induction casting and melting machine4EAC-000-017-00 Adjustable feet 1 1
Screwdriver system “ZERO” for induction casting and melting machine4HVM-000-100-00 Screwdriver system “Zero” 1 1
T-allen key for induction casting machine4EAC-000-028-00 T-allen key 1 1
Graphite crucible for induction casting machine2DET-015-000-KC Graphite crucible 1 1
Ceramic crucible for induction casting machine2DET-015-000-KB Ceramic crucible 1 1


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