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Induction Demo by Ultraflex at Eastec Tradeshow

//Induction Demo by Ultraflex at Eastec Tradeshow

Induction Demo by Ultraflex at Eastec Tradeshow

During the recent Eastec Tradeshow, Ultraflex Power Technologies showed an induction demo.  The induction demo featured the UPT-S5 Power Supply and HS-4 Heat Station.  The heat station was mounted on a slide to allow for automated heating and temperature monitoring of the tapered part.

Recognized as an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company, Ultraflex Power Technologies provides customer-focused solutions for induction heating, melting, and casting applications worldwide.  Implementing an Ultraflex induction solution can help you reduce manufacturing costs, increase energy efficiency, improve safety, and meet your lean manufacturing objectives.

Ultraflex Power Technologies’ compact modular and flexible induction systems are suitable for a wide variety of induction heating, casting and melting applications.  Systems can be configured with remote heat stations to optimize footprint requirements and work-cell layout.  The flexible systems can easily be integrated into manual assembly processes, or incorporated into a fully automated production line.

With over 100 years of combined engineering and application expertise, Ultraflex has developed innovative solutions for our customers’ most demanding applications.  Above all, the team at Ultraflex will help you find solutions for your complex heating applications and manufacturing system requirements.  Contact us today to review your heating application.

Induction Demo Picture and Video

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