The Business Case for Induction Heating

As with any significant process change and equipment purchase, it is important to be able to justify the decision in order to move forward with the expense. Here we review some of those factors that help make the Business Case for Induction Heating.


What does your oven cost to operate? With induction heating, it’s not uncommon to be able to convert 90% of your energy into heat in the part. By comparison, a batch furnace is typically only 45% energy efficient. It’s also common to keep ovens operating 24/7 so it’s ready whenever you need to heat. That readily available heat comes at a cost. One Ultraflex Customer reported annual operating costs of over $10,000 for their oven. They were shocked to find the induction system was only going to cost them $1,000 per year to operate (with the added bonus of improving their heating time from 70 minutes to 45 seconds!)

Torch has similar issues in that so much of the energy does not enter the part. One customer estimated that they were spending $6.37 per part for a preheat application using a torch. The same preheat application using induction heat, had an energy cost of $0.58. In today’s competitive market – can you afford to not save $5.79 per part?

How can I use this as part of my Business Case?

Look at your oven’s specs to determine its power usage. Check online for your region’s energy costs(or your actual energy bill) to determine your cost per kW-hr). For a torch, determine your amount of fuel consumed per part, and use your fuel rates to determine the cost per part. For the induction heating costs, Ultraflex is happy to run these calculations for you, when you request a quote.

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