Induction Brazing Using Robot

Client profile:

A major refrigerator manufacturer is looking to increase their productivity and to replace oxy-acetylene brazing with a cleaner induction brazing solution for a new heat pump assembly line.


White Goods Industry (refrigerators, compressors etc.).

UltraFlex Products used:

The Objective:

The client wants to braze 6 points of copper-to-copper braze in a plastic chassis.

The Challenge:

The client`s goal is to integrate automated induction equipment in order to braze compressors for refrigerators. They turned to UltraFlex Power Technologies for a solution to their business challenge.

The client uses oxy-acetylene brazing with filling material (5% silver-fos) copper-to-copper connection in the heat pump group (Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator). To prevent brazing damage, they must put the heat pump group into the fixture before the process of brazing begins. After brazing, they use a manipulator to lift and put the heat pump group into a plastic chassis. Their intention is to eliminate steps of the manufacturing process and make the braze in a plastic chassis.

The Solution:

UltraFlex Power Technologies proposed a complete and innovative solution to integrate one of its best-selling induction systems, the Dragon 15, automated brazing system, with which the client achieves a fully-automated brazing process by installing and integrating the RoboBraze and UR-5 Robot in their assembly line.


  • Achieves complete repeatability of the manufacturing process
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves safety by upgrading from gas-flame to induction brazing
  • Provides additional flexibility for the employee



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