soldering brass and steel parts

Industry: Manufacturing

Equipment: SM-2/200

Materials for Test 1: Brass cap

Materials for Test 2: Hollow steel

Power: 2 kW

Temperature: 800 oF (426°C)

Time: 3-4 secs.

The parts are used in liquid level control systems.

Process steps for Test 1:
First, pre-formed solder is put under the lip of the workpiece. Then, the cap was added. The power supply – was set to 3 seconds. The soldering process in completed.

Process steps for Test 2:
Again, the pre-form solder is placed around the top lip of the workpiece. The wire to be soldered is added to the workpiece. The power supply’s timer is set to 4 seconds. The process of soldering is completed within the set time. The excess solder is cleaned.
Benefits of induction heating for this process:


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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5575

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