Heating Steel Pipe with induction

Heat the a 5” (130mm) length of a steel pipe to 480F (250C) using an air-cooled induction heating unit and a flexible coil.

M-Air 12kW Air-Cooled Induction Heating System

• 6.5” (165mm) OD steel pipe with 5″ (127mm) ID.
• Wrapped with a 2″ (51mm) layer of insulation that was compressed down to a 1.5” (38mm) layer.
• Heat zone of 5” (127mm) on a 43” (1.1m) long pipe.

Key Parameters
Power: 12 kW
Temperature: 475F (245C) surface, 430F (220C) inside.
Time: 200 sec.

Results and Conclusions:

Heating the steel pipe with the air-cooled unit can be successfully achieved in approximately 200 seconds. The average difference between the surface and the inside temperature is 80F (27C). The end temperature on the inside of the pipe was 430F (220C) after allowing the heat to soak into the part. The part was wrapped with insulation to prevent damage to the flexible coil.



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