UltraHeat W RoboBraze Series – End of Life Product!

Please check our new model SOLO RoboBraze Series

RoboBraze is a mobile induction heating and brazing unit that can be integrated with robotic arms, in automated production lines or for in-place brazing.
The RoboBraze unit has special induction heating terminals to mount various custom heating coils. It can be interfaced with PLCs or industrial robots via analog and digital signals or serial interface.
It can also be combined with a coil switching system to allow operating multiple systems with different coils.
RoboBraze automation brazing units can operate with the following Ultraflex power source models: SMT5 (5kW), WT10 (10kW) and WT15 (15 kW)



  • Can be integrated with most industrial robots or any automated system
  • Provides flexible and controllable power for a variety of heating and brazing applications
  • Guaranteed repeatability and tight process control
  • Optional cycle energy or temperature monitoring
  • Multiple programmable steps of the process parameters (time, power, temperature)
  • Can operate with wide range of heating coils for different part geometries
  • Easily tuned to wide frequency range and can efficiently heat any metal
  • Advanced 5” Color LCD touch panel
  • Digital I/O Interface board – Remote Start/Stop
  • External power control input: 0-10V or 4-20mA
  • RS485 interface for remote computer monitoring, control, data logging and diagnostics
  • Temperature monitoring & control with K type thermocouple
  • Temperature regulator for standard IR sensor input


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