Dragon 15 Automated Induction Brazing Copper to Copper

Objective: Induction Brazing of copper to copper pipes

Equipment: Dragon 15 Brazing Robot

Materials:  Six Copper pipes (9.5 mm)

Power: 15 kW

Temperature: 1475 °F/ 800°C

Time: 10 seconds


The Dragon 15 can automatically induction braze multiple joints located in predefined positions. For this brazing application a wire feeder was mounted to the Dragon 15, which feds the alloy onto the copper joints. A nitrogen nozzle was also added to reduce oxidization of the joints, this helps minimize the brazed joints cleaning procedure. The robotic system is programmed to move to each joint and apply power for a pre-programmed amount of time. This ensures a repeatable and reliable brazing process. The induction brazing of copper to copper was performed successfully within 10 seconds per joint at 1475 °F.

The Dragon 15 is ideal for flameless brazing of refrigerator compressors, heat exchangers, home appliance components and complex HVAC assemblies.

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