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UltraMelt 4/5 Induction Melting System

///UltraMelt 4/5 Induction Melting System
UltraMelt 4/5 Induction Melting System2018-10-31T12:48:43+00:00

Reliable and durable Induction melting furnaces perfect for any presious or non-precious metals and alloys.

Fast induction melting using advanced circuit with low energy consumption.

Flexible systems can be configured to melt different metals and alloys.

Temperature control for preventing overheating and burning of the metal (thermocouple probe or IR pyrometer).

Stainless steel front with high temperature top cover ensures prolonged heavy duty use.

Reliable equipment, easy to install, maintain and service.

Not sure which induction melting system is right for your application? Check our Casting and Melting Selector!


  • Power regulation (10 – 100%) with power bar-graph indicator.
  • Advanced digital controls with service and diagnostics features.
  • Temperature controller – works with a thermocouple probe or optionla IR pyrometer.
  • Optional transformer for 3-phase/230V AC line requirements.
  • Water cooling system could be quoted upon request
UM – 4G
UM – 5G
UM – 5P
Absorbed Power5.0 kW5.0 kW5.0 kW
AC Line, (50/60Hz), 1 Phase230 V ±10%230 V ±10%230 V ±10%
Crucible Capacity4 kg Gold5 kg Gold600 g Pt
Crucible Volume280 cm3562 cm3291 cm3
Melting Temperature (max)1300 °C1300 °C2000 °C
Weight56 kg (123 Lb)56 kg (123 Lb)56 kg (123 Lb)
Dimensions, LxWxH46 cm x 40 cm x 95 cm
(18.1” x 15.7” x 37.4”)
46 cm x 40 cm x 95 cm
(18.1” x 15.7” x 37.4”)
46 cm x 40 cm x 95 cm
(18.1” x 15.7” x 37.4”)
Cooling Requirements water system quoted upon requestWater (external)Water (external)Water (external)
Cooling Water (min)2.0 LpM (0.5 GpM)2.0 LpM (0.5 GpM)2.0 LpM (0.5 GpM)
Inlet Water Temperature (max)35 °C35 °C35 °C
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Higher degree of controllability
  • Increased repeatability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased productivity
EquipmentDescriptionPart Number
TS-05IR Temperature Sensor with Stand1ACC-016-250-00
Argon Gas Dispenser for induction melting machine. Ultraflex Power Technologies.CA-02Argon Gas Dispenser1ACC-016-260-00
Part NumberDescriptionUltraMelt4GUltraMelt5GUltraMelt5P
2DET-016-000-KOCrucible for Platinum1
Crucible for Steel for induction melating machine.2DET-016-000-KHCrucible for Steel1
Graphite Crucible 5 kg gold for induction melting machine2DET-016-000-KDGraphite crucible for gold with hole1
Graphite Crucible 5 kg gold for induction melting machine2DET-016-001-KDGraphite crucible for gold with no hole1
2DET-016-000-KLGraphite crucible for gold with hole1
Graphite Crucible 4 kg gold for induction melting machine2DET-016-001-KLGraphite crucible for gold with no hole1
4HVM-000-100-00System zero screwdriver111
4EAC-000-017-00Machine feet 4pcs111
4HVM-000-102-00Crucible tong1
Crucible tongs for induction melting machine4HVM-000-103-00Crucible tong1
Crucible tongs for induction melting machine4HVM-000-104-00Crucible tong1
1ACC-016-270-00External thermocouple11
Graphite cover for thermocouple2DET-016-300-DSGraphite cover for thermocouple11