Induction Melting Platinum using Ultraflex UltraMelt 5P

Application Note Objective:

The objective is to melt platinum with UltraMelt 5P induction melting furnace for the production of platinum bars.


Platinum is a challenging metal to melt due to its high melting temperature, but with  UltraMelt 5P  this can be done quickly, easily, and efficiently. The system can also be used for the melting of most precious and non-precious metals and alloys.


Two melting tests were carried out – one with scrap pieces and one with ingots.
Approximately 250g of Platinum was placed into a ceramic crucible for heating. During the test with platinum scrap, a temperature of over 3200°F (1768°C) was reached at the power of 3.9 – 4.8 kW. It took 4.5 mins to melt the platinum scrap. For the second test, the same temperature was reached at lowered power – 3.0 – 4.0 kW. It took 4 minutes and 10 secs to melt 250 g of solid platinum.
Once the induction melting furnace was switched on, the application engineer tapped lightly onto
the crucible to help heat distribution throughout the material. A cap or a lid was placed on the crucible to minimize heat loss.


Platinum Melting & Casting Equipment:

UltraFlex designs and manufactures standard or custom induction casting and melting equipment for the Precious Metals and Jewelry industry. 

Below is a list of systems for melting platinum.  

Platinum Melting Equipment Capacities
UltraMelt TLT-2P Up to 2 kg Platinum
EM – 1P 50 250 g Platinum
EM – 2P 200 500 g Platinum
UM – 5P 150 – 600 g Platinum
UM – 15P 500 g – 2 kg Platinum
Platinum Casting Equipment Capacities
EasyCast J 150 g Platinum
SuperCast J 200 g Platinum
CS Digital (1/ 2/ /3) 500g / 700g /1 kg Platinum

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Industry:  Precious Metals & Jewelry 

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