Induction casting alloy samples

Use induction to melt and cast sixteen different Nickel-Iron alloy samples from powder and shavings for spectroscopic analysis. The samples must be melted in an inert atmosphere to ensure a low loss of nickel and to eliminate any oxidization of the samples, which are required for high fidelity chemical analysis.

SuperCast AP5

• The samples consist of Nickel, Iron, and Copper according to the composition in the table below. The samples were in the form of metal powders or scraps.

Key Parameters
Power: 4.5 kW
Temperature: Varies based on the sample
Time: 80-110 secs.
Other: Melting and castings were made under vacuum and inert gas (-0,2bar argon)


Specific metal compositions of the samples are summarized in the table below.

Ni Content (%)Cu Content (%)Qty (g)
18.61 –35
28.36 –35
38.66 –35
49.26 –40
58.39 –38
68.86 –35
78.53 –39
88.83 –35
99.06 –36
108.40 –35

Results and Conclusions:

The melting and casting of the first 11 samples was successful. Some of molded samples stuck to the copper plate of the mold after casting – samples with customer numbers 3, 6, 7 and 10. This is due to an optionally overheating of these samples due to the unknown melting point. Twelfth sample could not be melted. Perhaps this is due to low Ni content.


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