Casting gold

Application Note Objective:

The objective of this application is to melt and cast 400g of 14K gold with diamonds in place for a Jewelry manufacturer.

• 400g 14K gold
• Diamonds
• Wax
• Investment material


The induction casting application was performed with the PressCast system and a burnout oven using the lost-wax casting process. The diamonds were placed in the wax model before the investment material was poured in the flask. The flask was prepared and kept in a burnout oven for 12 hours at 1200° F (649° C) prior to the process, as per the investment material manufacturer recommendations. About 400 g of 14K gold grains were placed in the crucible located in the top chamber of the PressCast induction casting system. The gold was melted under argon atmosphere and casted into the flask using pressure-over-vacuum casting method. The casted tree was left to cool down in the flask to room temperature, then the investment material was removed and casted three of jewelry with the stone-in-place was ready for further processing.


PressCast induction casting systems are dual-chamber injection casting systems with pressure-over-vacuum force suitable for high-volume Jewelry manufacturers. These systems are good for stone-in-place casting of gold and silver and ensure the filling of the finest details.


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