Melting Gold in an Induction Furnace

Large jewelry manufacturers and small jewelry shops often use the lost-wax process to cast precious metal piecesIn this processthe jewelry pieces are casted in the form of a tree, where they are interconnected with channels and sprues providing a path for the molten metal to each piece Once the jewelry tree is casted and all sprues and channels removed, the manufacturers are left with scrap which needs to be re-melted and then granulatedWhen granulated, the metal can be used again for the casting process. The granulation of the metal ensures even melting and mixing and smoother flow of the molten metal. 

UltraFlex is often contacted by Jewelry manufacturers who are looking for compact and easy to operate gold melting furnaces.  Our UltraMelt 10G is a perfect gold melting induction solution. It can melt 10 kg of gold in less than 20 minutes. It can be also used for silver, brass, or any metal with a melting temperature below 1300°C. 

In this gold melting application, we have demonstrated how the molten and homogenized gold is poured through a tundish into a granulation tank.  

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