UltraFlex was contacted by a manufacturer of components for the aerospace industry. We have successfully implemented UltraFlex’s equipment and a custom designed coil to preheat an inconel blade.

Industry: Aerospace & Defence

Materials: Inconel

Equipment:UltraFlex 15 kW induction heating power supply

Power: 15 kW

Temp: 1832°F (1000°C)

Process Steps:

Our goal was to develop a complete solution which will allow the client  to preheat the first 2 mm (0.07 inch) of the blade to 1000 C (1832°F) while the blade is moving at max speed.

Our team of engineers built a custom induction coil which was connected to UltraFlex 15 kW induction heating power supply. The coil was designed in a C-shape with a “channel” profile for the blade. It is strong enough to withstand the effects of the airflow at high speed. The clearance between the coil and the blade is ~2mm (0.07 inch).

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5978


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