Induction Hydrogen Brazing of Tubing Parts

Objective: A customer who designs and manufactures high-power, CW, and pulse traveling wave tubes (TWT) wants to replace their induction heating equipment. The manufacturer uses induction heating to braze the tubing parts in a hydrogen environment. The heating tubes are of different materials – stainless steel, copper, Kovar, and Monel.

Currently, the client uses old equipment that wants to be replaced. They need to increase the production rate, the safety of the process, and energy efficiency. The customer wants to verify the results of the new process system with the application test.

We must reach a max temperature of 1600-1990°F (871-1088°C). The main objectives are to demonstrate that the process can be automated and achieve better quality, repeatability, and temperature uniformity.

Industry: Manufacturing & Automation

Equipment: Our engineers used the UltraHeat W – 10kW induction heating system for this application test.

Process: The customer sent us five different samples. We received tubes in these sizes: 1.3” OD ¼” wall thickness Kovar cylinder; 0.7” OD 0.56 wall thickness Kovar cylinder next to 2” OD boss, 0.7” OD 0.56 wall thickness Kovar cylinder, 1.1” OD 0.047” wall thickness Monel cylinder and 1.2” OD 0.17” thick disc on top of 1” cylinder with 0.047” wall thickness.

We conducted the tests of all samples with four-turn induction coils. The power supply was set up at 10kW of capacity and 1900°F (~1038°C) temperature. With these settings, we reached very short heat cycle times. The first specimen was heated for 27 seconds, the second for 20, and the last three for 2 seconds.

In conclusion, a used W 10kW power supply is well suited for this induction brazing application coupled with a custom induction coil. It will allow for a short heating time and precise heat application, which the customer desires.

Benefits: The benefits of new induction heating equipment are greater process control while eliminating operator variability, low maintenance requirements, and precise setup of the whole system.

Reference Info: Application Note 3463-7324

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