A manufacturer in the HVAC industry is looking for a new automated system to replace the torch brazing. They need to braze various sized HVAC parts – copper to copper and copper to brass. The customer wants to have very high volumes of productivity, so the cycle times are important.

The main objective of this test is to demonstrate the feasibility of using induction heating as a method of brazing a copper pipe to a brass joint and demonstrating the repeatability and quality of automated brazing.

Industry: Appliances & HVAC

Equipment: UltraHeat W Series with Dragon 15 Brazing Robot.


Automated induction brazing requires a robot to move the induction coil to the joint that needs to be brazed. The robot holds the coil at the position and waits for the induction braze to be completed. Once the joint is brazed, the robot will move to the next joint.

With 8 kW power and ~800° F (~427° C) temperature, we reached a heat cycle time of 20 seconds.


Due to the symmetry and similarity of the parts, the process is suitable for an automated induction system and brazing robot Dragon 15. This will increase productivity, energy efficiency and will clear the operator’s mistakes.

Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6737

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