Levitation type induction cold crucible in vacuum/casting chamber

Arcast Inc. and Ultraflex Power Technologies have partnered to develop a new Tilt and Pour version of the Arcast Induction Cold Crucible Furnace and Casting Module. The system can be used for materials research, melting and casting of highly reactive or ultra-pure metals, fabrication of parts from special alloys and materials.

This furnace is a levitation type induction cold crucible in a vacuum/casting chamber. It uses a segmented water-cooled cooper crucible to melt reactive and refractory alloys without the risk of contamination.

Most metals can be melted in this type of crucible, including titanium, hafnium and tungsten alloys.

Arcast has  integrated the Ultraflex power supply in to the vacuum furnace in a way that allows the crucible to be tilted to pour the molten metal out into a mold and casting below. In this model, a centrifugal mold can be used.

The choice of power level and frequency is critical to successful melting/levitation.

For more information, visit http://www.arcastinc.com/indcc20.htm