06.12.2018 – UltraFlex Power Technologies / Europe / and one of the most renowned technical universities in Bulgaria – The Technical University of Gabrovo start a collaboration to drive innovation in induction heating. The rector of the university Prof. Ilarionov, Dr.Sc. and the Head of the “Electronics” department – Prof. Madzharov, Ph.D. were special guests at Ultraflex Co., Ltd.

“As a leading manufacturer of induction heating systems, we are happy to be able to share our industry experience. We strongly believe that knowledge is even more powerful when you put it in action.” said Mr. Mario Metodiev, President of UltraFlex Co., Ltd.

The Technical University of Gabrovo has a long-standing tradition of research and development in the field of induction heating systems and applications. As part of the collaboration, UltraFlex will outfit the university`s technical lab with some of the latest induction heating products offered by the company – the EasyMelt Air, the UltraHeat SM – 5kW and a heat station.

The Rector of the Technical University of Gabrovo, Prof. Ilarionov, Dr. Sc., commented on the new partnership “We are very pleased and grateful. These machines will provide a strong foundation for further reorganization of the teaching method. We strongly feel that giving the chance to students to get a hands-on experience will help them understand the processes better. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with UltraFlex because we believe that the company offers the most durable and innovative induction heating equipment in the industry.”

UltraFlex will also start offering an internship program. Mr. Metodiev mentioned “We are happy to be able to invest in young individuals. We would like students to share their perspective on how working with our machines has impacted they pathway to success. Our future internship program will give students the opportunity to engage in challenging tasks in a very productive work environment.”

As part of the visit at UltraFlex, the two university officials were shown the new factory facility and test laboratories. During their stay, Prof. Ilarionov, Dr.Sc. also added “We are very pleased to see how engineers, working at UltraFlex, are passionate about the development process of the machines. We hope that working with the new equipment will inspire even greater curiosity in our students”.

UltraFlex has a tradition of supporting induction heating centres in technical universities.