Melting Titanium Scrap


The objective of this application is to cast titanium shaving inside of a copper mold with SuperCast A5 – induction casting machine. The samples are used for materials research and analysis.

The customer provided titanium scraps. A custom copper mold in the shape of a coin – 3 mm (0.11 inch) high and 35 mm (1.37 inch) in diameter was used. 20 g of titanium shavings were used to produce one casting sample.


SuperCast A5 – induction casting system continues to melt the metal while spinning and injecting. This way, the casting system successfully maintains the molten metal’s viscosity during casting and prevents solidification due to coil lifting and injection delays.


The titanium shavings were cleaned first in solvents, then in an ultrasonic bath, and finally under clean water and heated up to 600 °C (1112°F). This temperature was maintained until all moisture and oil residue was entirely evaporated.

The titanium shavings were pressed into a cylindrical ingot with dimensions 40 mm (1.57 inch) and D23 mm (0.90 mm) with a 45-ton (80000 lb.) press.

The induction casting system was programmed to perform 4 washing cycles (vacuum-argon). Once they were completed, and during the induction melting and casting process, the vacuum pump was switched off. The sample is then left to cool down for 1 minute under argon.

Melting temperature of over 3092°F (1700°C) was reached with the power of 5 kW for 60 seconds.

Industry: Mining & Materials 



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