degassing of vacuum tube elements

Degassing of vacuum tube elements is easily accomplished by induction heating. A reactive metal called a getter is deposited inside a sealed vacuum system. The induction coil heats it from outside to high temperature, causing a chemical reaction with the remaining molecules in the vacuum system and absorbing them.

Application: Special Applications – Getter flashing


A manufacturer of Electrical components wants to replace the existing induction system to heat getter rings and cold cathode targets in vacuum tubes.

Industry: Electrical Components

Equipment: For this application test, we used the induction heating system UltraHeat W Series.

Process: The main process requirements of the client are two – the temperature that needs to be reached is 900 C, and the heat cycle must be 5 to 10 seconds per unit.


  • A fast and efficient way to heat the getter material;
  • Full control of the process – time, temperature, and frequency;
  • Energy efficiency and possibility for process automation.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6974

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