Brazing steel Plate and Copper Bundle

Induction brazing of copper plate to copper bundle. Our goal is to determine the braze time and optimize the coil design for a brazing plate and copper bundle. We also performed a second set of tests to determine viable application parameters.

UltraHeat W 15/150 and HS8

Copper plate and base with a strip of multiple copper strips held in place with a steel strap

Test 1

Power: 8.57 kW

204° C (400° F) for 1.5 min
426° C (800° F) for 3.5 min
648° C (1200° F) for 6.5 min
Red hot for 10 min.

Time: 10 minutes

Test 2

Power: 28.27 kW

760°C (1400°F) in 4 minutes.

Time: Approximately 4 minutes

Test 3

Power: 26 kW


Time: 4 minutes. 42 seconds (282 seconds)

Process Steps:

Test 1 Smaller copper plate heated to braze temperature in about 10 minutes and the copper bundle over-heated.

Test 2 Test set up with the process repeated to ascertain the flow cycle time adding additional brazing material to the assembly.


Based on the plate thickness, the power supply recommendation is for 50 kW to insure an initial heat time in the 4 minute/5 minute heat cycle.  If the process is started by heating the lowest level strip to plate braze, the flow times for the higher positions will be decreased as the process continues – this is due to heat carrying over on the plate as the process continues.



Request information or contact us about this application. Reference info: Application Note 3463-4596