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HVAC equipment manufacturer is considering induction brazing to improve a brazing process for assemblies used in coolant distribution units. The client’s main requirement is to perform the induction brazing process in 30 seconds for two assemblies of different sizes.


SmartPower modular induction heating system with two heat stations is utilized for this induction brazing application. It allows for both assemblies to be brazed at the same time resulting in faster cycle times.


The goal of this induction heating test is to braze 9 copper tubes 6mm OD (0.23”) to a brass base 38mm OD (1.29”) in 30 seconds. Silver brazing alloy in the form of rings is applied to the joints. The copper tubes are brazed to the brass base in 12 seconds at the power of 13.4 kW. The workpiece is brazed nearly three times faster than the client’s requirement. Based on this test and our calculations, another 80 mm OD (3.14”) brass base can be brazed to the copper tubes in approximately 30 seconds.

A dual-output 50 kW SmartPower induction heating system will perform simultaneous brazing of both assemblies and will ensure faster cycle times. The smaller assembly would take 5 seconds to braze, while the bigger one would take 20 seconds.


Induction heating successfully replaces traditional heating methods in the HVAC industry. It provides fast and repeatable results. UltraFlex is frequently contacted for RnD services that assist companies in their unique induction heating applications.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-6909

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