induction brazing of copper exchanger pipes

A manufacturer of appliances wants to achieve automation in their brazing process. Their goal is to be able to braze with induction heating copper heat exchanger pipes. We carried out several tests to choose the best induction heating products which can fit their needs.

Two of UltraFlex’s automated induction brazing systems can be used for their specific process – RoboBraze and Dragon 15

The Dragon 15 comes equipped with a 15 kW induction heating system and Universal Robots cobot (UR 5) to help them achieve a fully automated brazing process. This powerful induction heating solution can be successfully integrated into a production line.

Industry: Appliances & HVAC

Equipment: W15/150

Time: 12 sec.

Materials: Copper pipes


The Dragon 15 was pre-programmed to take into consideration the size and form of the copper pipes. This way repeatability is guaranteed. The robotic arm moves with great precision and allows complete control over the process. The alloy rings melt and perfectly braze all joints. One joint is being brazed for 12 seconds.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6222


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