camshaft induction heating

Induction heating is the preferred method for hardening camshafts. The objective of this application is to harden a variety of steel samples within several seconds. If induction heating is integrated into the production lines, each camshaft can be hardened with great controllability and repeatability. Our machines allow you to fully adjust the heat parameters.

Industry: Automotive & Transportation

Equipment: W15, HS-15W

Power: 13.37kW

Time: 5 secs.

Coil: Helical induction heating coil. Visit our coil library here.

The Process:

Camshafts are widely used in the automotive industry as a main part of the combustion engines. Due to their overall length and high peripheral speed, they suffer high tensile and torsion stresses during operation, which may significantly reduce their operating life. Softer material favors overcoming these stresses, which, however, results in excessive surface wearing due to the friction between the camshaft and the engine valves.

The goal of the performed hardening process is to increase the wear resistance of the workpiece surface, while the core of the sample remains soft to preserve its tensile strength and torsion resistance. For this purpose, the surface has to be heated to a particular temperature (usually about 800°C) followed by proper cooling. The heating and cooling rates should be strictly observed in order to obtain particular material features. The core of the camshaft should be prevented from heating during the hardening process to preserve its softness.

UltraFlex induction heating systems are widely used in the automotive industry.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-5642


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