Bonding and Sealing of Surgical Appliances

Bonding and Sealing of Surgical Appliances


The customer manufacturing silicone-handled instruments for critical surgical applications is looking to heat up stainless steel shanks to then be bonded with plastic handles. This helps the customer make high-quality surgical products and fast, reliable processes.

Once the shank has reached temperature the heated end is pushed into the plastic handle and the plastic melts and bonds to the shank. The press fit process will be done manually. 


The maximum temperature for this process is 500 degrees Celsius and the productivity rate is 5-100 parts per day. The parts are introduced to the coil by manually placing them in the fixture and pressing fit manually. 


The power supply is the SH-2 and the heat station is the HS-4W. 

Industry: Induction Heating for the Medical & Dental Industry | UltraFlex ( 

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Proper bonding and sealing ensure a tight and secure closure of surgical appliances, preventing any leakage of bodily fluids or gases and ensuring that they withstand the stresses and strains encountered during surgical procedures. 

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