UltraFlex Corporation New Supplier Packet (1)

UltraFlex Corporation New Supplier Packet

We look forward to working with you and setting you up as a supplier.

UltraFlex Corporation provides customer-focused solutions and equipment for induction heating, melting, and casting applications worldwide. Please visit www.ultraflexpower.com for additional corporate information.

Included in this packet you will find: 

  • Bank reference
  • Trade references
  • Invoice requirements
  • General ordering information
  • Supplier profile

In the event you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [EUpurchasing@]ultraflexpower.com. We want to establish a mutually profitable relationship, while providing our customers the highest quality, most cost-effective procurement services available in the market.

UltraFlex Corporation Key Contacts

UltraFlex Buyer

Contact information is provided on each UltraFlex purchase order.

Telephone: (+359) 2 480 1904


UltraFlex Accounts Payable Department

Telephone: (+359) 2 480 1912

Email: [eubilling@]ultraflexpower.com

UltraFlex Corporation Credit Information

Bank Reference:

Unicredit Bulbank

1 Sveta Nedelya Sq.,

Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

Attention: Milena Georgieva, Client Services Consultant

Telephone: +359 2 9232015

Email: [milena.georgieva@]unicreditgroup.bg

Trade References:

Digi-Key Electronics

701 Brooks Ave. South Thief River Falls

MN 56701 USA

Telephone: 1 218 681 8000

Email: [accounting@]digikey.com

CELEM Power Capacitors

12/2 Hi Tech Village, Givat Ram

Jerusalem 91390 Izrael

Phone: +972 2 6788305

Email: [capacitor@]celem.com

Fax: +972 2 6536094


Purchasing Information

  • It is very important to include the UltraFlex PO number on your packing slip and shipping labels and on your invoice. You will find the PO # in the header information on the purchase order.
  • Please contact the UltraFlex Buyer with any price changes, backorders, or discrepancies on email: [EUpurchasing@]ultraflexpower.com; contact information is also printed on the purchase order. All orders will be placed via purchase order;
  • The “Ship Due Date” is provided on the PO that is requested ship date. Please reply with updated ship date if necessary.

Invoicing Information

  • Please include the UltarFlex Purchase Order number on your invoice to avoid payment delays. A UltraFlex purchase order number will always begin with a PO or Z, followed by five numbers. Invoices without Purchase order numbers cannot be processed.
  • Verbal Purchase orders are not accepted.
  • Please email your invoice to the email address below:

Email: [eubilling@]ultraflexpower.com, or

Mail to : UltraFlex Corporation OOD,

152 Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd.,

Techno Park Sofia-1,

Sofia 1582


Acceptable invoice formats are: PDF, Image.

Accounts Payable Questions

  • For questions concerning payment status, please contact our Accounts Payable

Department at: [eubilling@]ultraflexpower.com or phone: +359 2 480 19 12 ;

Price Change Information

We hope to be doing business with you on a sustained basis. When periodic price changes occur, please forward your revised pricing to: [eubilling@]ultraflexpower.com or phone: +359 2 480 19 04 ;

Supplier Form

Please take the time to fill out a EU vendor registration form at: visit www.ultraflexpower.comThis information is critical for us to have on file as it helps us to facilitate order processing. This information is needed to set you up as a new vendor in our system.