Industrial induction casting is a manufacturing process during which a liquid metal is injected by centrifugal force into a mold of the desired shape. Once the metal is solidified, the mold is either ejected or broken.

Our centrifugal casting machines rotate the mold and crucible simultaneously at a very high speed injecting the molten metal into the mold.  The patented Rotating Coil System continues to provide power by rotating the coil with the arm and mold, keeping the metal in a liquid phase during the injection. The metal easily spreads along the walls of the mold where it solidifies. The solidification process usually starts from the outside to the core. The whole process is completed within 5 minutes.

UltraFlex industrial casting machines are suitable for titanium casting, where Alpha case is minimized, due to a controlled, protective gas atmosphere. Employing them for a high-precision casting of other metals and alloys ( both lost-wax and solid-mold casting) is also common.

Most of our customers use the industrial casting equipment for the development of metallurgical samples which later undergo x-ray analyses, re-melting, a fusion of metal alloys and powders, casting of AAS, ICP, as well as casting of high-precision, near-net-shape, 3D printed waxes. Learn more about Materials Research & Testing here.

Industrial casting machines
  • Absorbed Power: 4kW – 5kW

  • Frequency: 50kHz – 250kHz

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