susceptor heating of wire


A client in the Oil & Gas Industry requested assistance to develop an induction heating process for their needs. For the initial feasibility study of the process, we were requested to heat a wire inside a magnetic steel tube.

Industry: Oil & Gas


UltraHeat SM5 – 5 kW induction heating system meets the max temperature requirements of 750 °C (1382°F). The system is suitable for this client because it is small and compact and can easily fit their working area.


The client has provided two steel tubes filled with wires. The challenge of this induction heating application is to achieve throughout the heating of the wires inside the tube without melting the steel frame. The small steel tube took 40 seconds to preheat at the power of 3 kW pre-curie, while the bigger one was preheated for 60 seconds at 5 kW pre-curie.


Implementing induction heating will help the company to achieve faster cycle times and better efficiency.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-6733

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