susceptor heating of alumina powders


A leading research laboratory has contacted UltraFlex to develop an induction heating process with a susceptor. The goal is to heat with induction a mixture of 90% non-conductive alumina powder and 10% graphite flakes which act as a susceptor. This mixture must be heated to 150-200 °C (302°392°Ffor 10 minutes and maintained at the desired temperature for 30 minutes.  


We performed the process with our  UltraHeat W – 5 kW induction heating system and a helical coilThe unit and this custom induction coil are perfect for induction heating applications that require high frequency.  


The mixture is placed in a 0.5-inch (1.27 cm) diameter non-conductive tube. The volume that needs to reach the desired temperature is about 2 inches section at the top of the tube. Heating small graphite flakes require high-frequency induction heating equipment.  Within the target 10 min time, UltraHeat  W 5 successfully reached 160 °C (320°Fwith an output power of 4 kWA K-type thermocouple connected to a temperature controller was used to evaluate the temperatureThe temperature was successfully maintained for 30 minutes. 

Industry: Academic & Research 

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6622 

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