Soldering Copper to Brass


Test: Soldering copper tubing to brass valves

Industry: HVAC

Materials: Copper and brass pipes

Equipment: W10/150, HS-15W

Power: 11 kW

Temperature: 932oF (500oC)

Time: 20 seconds

Coil: Coated custom-made coil. Visit our coil library.

The Process:

This application request was brought to Ultraflex Power’s attention by an HVAC company. Their goal was to eliminate their current use of the torch method, as well as remove defects and improve the safety of operators. To start the test, our applications engineer assembled the setup of copper tubing and brass valves. After applying flux to each joint the engineer heated them for 20 seconds. Solder was manually applied after the joints reached 932oF (500o C), and created an even solder around the joints.  The use of induction heating was successful in this HVAC application.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-5975


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