soldered copper pipes to copper fittings

A manufacturer of water heaters wants to replace torches in their soldering processes with induction heating technology. This induction heating test was performed to demonstrate the capability to use induction soldering for various sizes of copper parts. 

Industry: Appliances & HVAC


UltraHeat SM is utilized for this induction soldering application. The 5 kW induction power supply equipped with a custom coil ensures precise heat transfer to the desired area and a high degree of repeatability.


4 different sizes of copper pipes and fittings – from 0.25’’ OD to 2.5’’ OD (6.35 mm to 63.5 mm) were used for this test. Preformed solder rings were fitted to each joint to ensure that the same amount of solder material is deposited to the joint in every cycle. All parts were soldered in under 60 seconds. A single inductor is used for the soldering of all pipe sizes.


UltraFlex induction heating equipment provides fast and efficient replacement of torch brazing. The system provides precise brazing of pipes of different sizes. Induction heating improves safety by eliminating open flame which helps companies comply with local regulations.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6642

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