Temperature Control for Induction Heating

Demonstrate temperature control utilizing an optical pyrometer/controller to heat the top knurled section of a magnetic steel surgical instrument tube to 93°C (200°F) and maintain temperature.

UltraHeat W Series
HS-8 Heat Station

Magnetic stainless steel tube.

Key Parameters
Temperature: 93°C (200°F)
Power: 1.5 kW
Time: 2 seconds

Process Steps:

  1. The dual temperature pyrometer was sighted on the stainless steel tube to permit the sight lights to focus on the top section of the tube.
  2. The emmisivitiy was set on the controller at 0.6 for bright stainless steel.
  3. Power was limited to 10 kW to avoid over-shooting the temperature.

Results and Conclusions:

  • Using a temperature controller sighted on the heated end of the stainless steel tube will control the temperature as required.



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