Induction Heating Silicon Carbide

To generate plasma, we apply an electrical field to a gas, with the goal of removing electrons from their nuclei. These free-flowing electrons give the plasma key properties, including its electrical conductivity, a magnetic field, and sensitivity to external electromagnetic fields.

In this application test, the customer provided sample parts to be induction heated. Ultraflex demonstrated the ability of the UPT-SB High Frequency Induction system to heat the silicon carbide cylinder to 2700-2800°F (1480-1540°C) within three minutes. This demonstrated the feasibility of the system for induction heating silicon carbide for plasma research.

Ultraheat UPT-SBT Megahertz System

• Silicon carbide cylinder, with 1.22” (30.988mm) OD and 0.5” (12.7mm) ID

Key Parameters
Temperature: 2700-2800°F (1480-1540°C)
Power: 1 kW
Time: 180 seconds


  1. The silicon carbide cylinder was centered in a single turn coil.
  2. The UPT-SB3, which operates up to 1 MHz was turned on.
  3. The part was heated to approximately 2700-2800°F in 180 seconds. This demonstrated the feasibility of this system for induction heating silicon carbide for plasma research.


  • Precise control of the time and temperature
  • Power on demand with rapid heat cycles
  • Repeatable process, not operator dependent
  • Safe heating with no open flames
  • Energy efficient heating


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