Infrared photo of the heated vial

The customer is doing nanoparticle research related to magnetic hyperthermia. A sample vial with solution and magnetic nanoparticles were provided.  The objective of the test is to confirm that the system is capable of heating the solution to 140°F (60°C).

UPT-n2 Nanoparticle Research System

• Glass vial provided by customer, with proprietary solution and nanoparticles
• Coil, designed and manufactured by Ultraflex Power Technologies, to optimize magnetic field strength during nanoparticle heating

Key Parameters
Temperature: about 140°F (60°C)
Power: 1.59 kW
Time: about 90 seconds
Frequency: 217 kHz


  1. The vial containing the solution and magnetic nanoparticles was shaken lightly, and placed in the center of the coil.
  2. The UPT-S2 Power Supply was turned on, and nanoparticle heating began.
  3. An infrared camera was used to monitor temperature. At 90 seconds the vial was removed from the coil, and temperature confirmed to be over 60°C

*Note: temperature of the glass vial was measured. The interior temperature of the solution in the vial would be slightly higher than the exterior temperature of the vial.

Verification of Magnetic Field for Nanoparticle Heating

The key parameter for heating nanoparticles is the magnetic field strength of the induction coil. Ultraflex has proprietary tools to calculate the field strength and other key parameters for custom coils for nanoparticle heating applications. We have verified the performance of these tools against real world tests to ensure their accuracy.

Verification of Magnetic FieldFor this application we had a peak field of approximately 50mt with the peak field at the center of the coil. This also corresponds to the heating profile of the solution as shown in the infrared image. Below is the comparison to our calculated field and the actual measured field strength.

peak field


Precise control of the time and temperature
Power on demand with rapid heat cycles




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