molten alloy pouring into a mold

UltraFlex is often contacted by companies in the Foundries, Mining and Materials industries, looking for small melting units for various induction melting applications. Such applications are remelting, alloying of various metals, or producing samples (buttons) for X-ray material analysis. The EasyMelt units are compact, benchtop units which can be perfect for these applications. They are offered with graphite crucible for low melting temperature materials or ceramic crucible for metals and alloys with a higher melting point.

For this induction melting application, our customer provided ferromagnetic alloys and aluminum alloys. Ferromagnetic alloys like Ferro Nickel Molybdenum (FeNiMo) change the structure and composition of the steel alloys and improve their properties.

Our EasyMelt Series – Desktop Induction Melting Systems are used to demonstrate how induction heating equipment can melt the alloys in several minutes.

Industry: Foundries & Metalworking, Mining & Materials 

Equipment: EasyMelt P

Time: 5-8 mins.

Materials: Aluminum, Ferro Nickel Molybdenum (FeNiMo)


The first step is to put the alloy ingots into the crucible. With the help of thongs, we are placing the crucible into the induction coil of the desktop unit. Once the power, temperature, and time are set, the melting process can begin. It takes 5 to 8 mins to melt the aluminum alloys at an output power of 2,8 kW.

Melting applications like this can also be performed with induction melting furnaces of bigger capacities. Industrial induction melting equipment offered by UltraFlex Group includes custom melting furnaces to help any foundry achieve its manufacturing goals.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3464-6514


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