heating with induction of platinum in quartz tube


A leading science research institution wants to test heating metal alloy with induction for materials research. The objective of this test is to heat with induction small pieces of gold and platinum placed inside a quartz tube. The samples must be heated to their melting temperature. This will prepare the samples for isotope analysis in a spectrometer. The goal is to reach and maintain a temperature of up to 1600 °C in 30+ minutes.

Industry: Academic & Research

Equipment: UltraHeat S – 2kW Induction Heater


All samples heated to temperature very quickly. They were done in steps, typically starting around 1000°C and stepping up by 200°C and holding for a few minutes. The final step in the profile was to hold at the process temperature (1000°C for the gold and 1600°C for the Platinum) and held for 30 minutes.


The wireless heating via induction is beneficial to keep the quartz-tubing relatively cold to prevent the diffusive loss of hydrogen, which is very fast at high glass temperatures.

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Reference Info: Application Note 3463-6908

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