We have implemented new revolutionary, patented and low cost pressure casting technology in our UltraCast product.

The process does not require Crucibles or Rings. Ceramic flask combines crucible, flask and vacuum/pressure chamber for easy casting.

Ultracast Casting technology sheme

Induction Casting Technologies

Unconventional process – No Centrifugal Force – No lost metal.

Once the process is mastered it is very repeatable and easy to cast.

The machine can cast all metals precious (gold, platinum, silver) and non-precious including titanium.


  • Small Compact bench top unit.
  • Self-contained system – Internal water cooling, vacuum (no need for external pumps or chillers).
  • Can regulate casting pressure for very good casting results and achieving fine details.
  • Casting under vacuum/argon.
  • Can cast single pieces or trees
  • Variety of investment materials can be used: Satincast, Docs, Platinite and more.

The machine has reliable, modular system, easy to maintain and service.



Installation and Setup

UltraCast Investing and Casting